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What is British Sign Languages?

British Sign Language is the language of Britain’s Deaf community.

  • It is a real, full, grammatically complex language.
  • It is British, and not used in other countries (although similar dialects are used in other countries, e.g. Australia and New  Zealand)
  • It is a visual language created by the Deaf community.
  • It is used by an identifiable social language community, so it lives and changes as the society changes. 

3.1 What is not BSL?

3.2 Paget Gorman Sign System

3.3 Cued Speech

3.4 Signed English

3.5 S.E.E. Signing Exact English

3.6 S.S.E. Signing Support English

3.7 Makaton

3.8 Difference between BSL and English 


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