05 The Structure of Words, Gestures and

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The Structure of Words, Gestures and Signs 

The building blocks of BSL.

In any language, we use words (or signs) to talk about "things". These "things" can also be called "referents". Referents might be the meanings of, for example,

  • Objects (e.g. a cake, a bicycle, a dog)
  • People
  • Places (e.g. London, France, Africa, the moon)
  • Actions (e.g. running, painting, eating, writing)
  • Feelings and emotions (e.g. happy, tired, thirsty)
  • Relationships in space and time (e.g. before, after, in, on, under, next to)

5.1 Quiz Question - Type of Referents

5.2 Features of 'well formed' signs

5.3 Esatblished and Producitve signs

5.4 Classifiers

5.5 Visual Motivation in BSL

5.6 Arbitrary signs

5.7 Manual Alphabet

5.8 Changing signs

5.9 Visually Motivated signs

5.10 Phonemes and phonology

5.11 Phonology in BSL



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