08 Language Change

English Notes
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Language Change

Language change can be internal or external.

Internal changes arise from the internal, phonological rules of the language. Rules simplifying the language cause it to change, but there is no influence from outside the language (from people or society).

External changes are far more major and arise because of outside influences of people or society. For example the language users might borrow new signs from other languages because of language contact, or may need to make new signs because of new inventions or new concepts.

8.1 Internal Changes

8.2 External Language Change

8.3 Generational differences in English

8.4 Generational differences in BSL

8.5 Impact on the languages

8.6 Impact of families

8.7 Educational Influences

8.8 Old and New English words

8.9 Technology and changes in BSL

8.10 Changing Concepts


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