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Sign Language Storytelling and Narratives

Story-telling is very important in Britain's Deaf Community. Stories are a way of supporting, nurturing, developing and perpetuating deaf culture and the customs and morals of the Deaf community. Stories are seen as opportunities to repeat old stories that are part of the cultural heritage and to show skills in signed language.

Signed stories can be divided into at least three main types:

  • Original stories that are part of the Deaf heritage - often the cause of Deaf Pride, perhaps telling of Deaf victories within the hearing world
  • Traditional stories that have been changed to be more Deaf-focused, with Deaf characters in them
  • Translations of traditional stories or other stories in English or other written languages 

10.1 Quiz Question

10.2 Role-shift

10.3 role-shift: Narrator and Characters

10.4 Use of Established Signs

10.5 Identifying Characters

10.6 Guide to Good Storytelling

10.7 Tips for Successful Storytelling

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