12.1 Repetition

English Notes
BSL Video


Repetition is very different in BSL and is like rhyme in English. For example, in English, you have words such as ‘CAT’ AND ‘HAT’ which sound the same, also you have words like ‘HOT’, ‘HAT’ and ‘HELP’ which all start with the letter ‘H’, this is called alliteration, BSL is very different as there is no sound relating to the language. So with repetition in BSL there are three; repetition handshapes for example ‘TREE’, ‘WIND’ and ‘DEER’, repetition of movement like ‘WANT’ and ‘RELIEF’. The movement to both is a downward one. The third one is repetition of location for example; ‘SHEEP’, ‘THINK’, ‘DREAM’ they are all signed in the same physical location. These repetitions are the equivalent to that of rhyme in spoken English.


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