12.2 Symmetry

English Notes
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BSL has repetitions of handshapes, movement and location, also repetition of rhythm. For example, in Dot Miles’s poem ‘Staircase’, there are examples of rhythm (EXAMPLE SHOWN). You can see the rhythm of this. You can also vary the pattern of the rhythm it doesn’t matter. It’s the same with handshapes, location, and movements. You can add/create extra patterns.

Symmetry and Balance 

What is symmetry? Everything has an opposite. In our culture, symmetry shows harmony and beauty. So symmetry of poetry is used to show harmony and beauty. There are three types of symmetry; Vertical Symmetry, (left, right). For example ‘AGREE’, ‘RUN’, SWIM’, ‘POLITICS’, ‘MUST’. If you halve the signs down the middle the left and right hands will be using exactly the same handshape. Horizontal Symmetry (top, bottom) for example ‘HIPPO’, ‘CROCODILE’, ‘MAKE’, and ‘TALK’, you can see that the two handshapes mirror each other on the horizontal axis. The third type is Front /Back symmetry, for example ‘MEET’, ‘LOOK AT EACH OTHER’ and the ’JAPANESE BOW’.


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