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Mouth Patterns

In BSL there are two types of mouthing patterns; mouthing and mouth gestures.

Mouthings are related to spoken English whereas mouth gestures are not. Mouthings show many things: topic, nouns, they are morphologically simple, have a fixed vocabulary, signs related to English mouthings.

Mouth gestures are for; clarification purposes, comments, verbs, morphology complex, productive, sign is not linked to an English mouth pattern.

13.1 Mouthing & Quiz

13.2 Quiz continued

13.3 Different Uses in BSL

13.4 Mouthing with Signs

13.5 Homonyms

13.6 Mouthing Gestures

13.7 Multi-channel signs


13.9 Morphological Information

13.10 Mouth Gestures & Movements


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