14.3 Three-letter words

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Three-letter words

In three-letter English words that are regularly fingerspelled the middle vowel is often very reduced eg -s-(-o-)-n-, or -m-(-a-)-y- or -t-(-a-)-x-.  Where the final letter is made on the palm, this reduction brings the vowel finger of the base hand forward to meet the fingers of the active hand which already have the configuration for the next vowel.  (So, in "son" the -o- vowel touches the back of the active hand fingers of -n-; in "Tom" the -o- finger comes forward to touch the back of the active hand's -m- configuration.).  Where the three-letter word is not regularly fingerspelled, or where it is an acronym (e.g. BBC or BDA), all letters will be clearly shown.


Where the vowel is word initial or final it is not reduced or dropped (eg o-d-d or t-w-o)

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