14.5 The letter C

English Notes
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The letter -c-

The letter -c- is special case because it is one-handed.  

Where it is a single manual letter sign it is signed in its “citation form”, and there will be no base hand present.

In spelling, the base-hand is always present, ready for the next letter, or left over from the previous letter.

In spelling the letter is frequently reduced.  In -c-k- it is reduced to the hand twisted away or moved back from the previous letter before moving into the -k-. 

Next to other letters, it is usually made near to the next letter, rather than out in "citation" space.  For example, it is made over the inside of the wrist before an -h-, and above each base hand vowel finger or above the base hand palm for other palm-based letters.  

In acronyms, it is not reduced, and it is more clearly articulated in "citation" space, especially when it is the final letter - eg in NDCS or ESRC.


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