15.6 Grammatical negatives versus

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Grammatical negatives versus “bad” meaning and opposites
Grammatical negatives are sentences that have special grammatical markers or words to say that something is not the case.  This is similar to what was discussed in the section on ‘NEGATION in BSL’ but there is a difference between sentences that say something isn’t right and sentences that say the same thing is WRONG. If we say that a statement is WRONG then we are using an opposite. If we say ‘YES THAT’S RIGHT’ we are using an affirmative.

Here are some examples; first the sign will be given, then a grammatically negative response, then an example of a response that uses an opposite meaning.

(sign)        (grammatical neg)    (opposite meaning)
RIGHT          NOT RIGHT                WRONG
WRONG        NOT WRONG              RIGHT
ILL               NOT ILL                     HEALTHY
FAIL             NOT FAIL                   PASS
HATE            NOT HATE                  LOVE
TALL             NOT TALL                  SHORT

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