15 Questions & Negation

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Asking Questions in BSL

All language users can recognise a question, because the structure of a question is
different from other sentence structures. Questions are requests for information or for an action.  The person who asks the question expects a response. 

Questions are structured very differently in English and BSL. For example, an English style of question such as "Won't you sit down?" would never be asked that way in BSL. 

Questions differ in structure and form from other types of sentences in various ways, including:

  • They may be "interrogative"
  • In English they may have a special intonation (in speech) or punctuation in writing ( a 'question mark'). BSL uses facial expressions and eyebrow, head and body movements to mark questions.

15.1 Yes-No Questions

15.2 Changed word order

15.3 WH- Questions

15.4 Rhetorical questions

15.5 Negation in BSL

15.6 Grammatical negatives versus "bad"

15.7 Non-manual

15.8 Double negatives


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