17.2 Line D

English Notes
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Line D runs upwards, by the signer’s side on the dominant side. It incorporates growing up or maturing so that CHILD and ADULT are placed on the line, irrespective of the heights of the people. It only has one use: to refer to the way that humans grow over time, but there are different ways to describe other types of growth over time. For example, the way that vegetables grow, or the way that hair grows (along a line running from the top of the head towards the chest). Similarly, a pregnant woman’s stomach grows over time and the sign correspondingly moves outwards from the centre of the body.

These four time lines are not the only ones, there are more. For example, HAVEN’T-SEEN-YOU-FOR-AGES takes a diagonal line across the signer’s body . There also appears to be a “time line” in the centre-front of the body, e.g. POSTPONE, or EVERY-MONTH.


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