18.5 Pronouns in BSL

English Notes
BSL Video

Pronouns in BSL are similar to those in English, but there are five main differences:

1) BSL does not distinguish between "he" and "she", but English does. Many languages do not mark this difference, for example Finnish and Hungarian. This does not mean that these languages are somehow less perfect than English. It just means that they are different.

2) BSL has many more pronouns than English. English has pronouns for one, and pronouns for more than one. For "singular" (pronouns referring to one), English uses I, he, she, it, and you. For "plural" pronouns (referring to more than one) English uses we, and they. They can also be used instead of he, she and it, and you remains the same whether it is singular or plural. English pronouns do not show exactly how many people are involved; 3, 4, 5 etc.

BSL uses pronouns meaning WE-TWO, WE-THREE, WE-FOUR and WE-FIVE and is different from English in this way.


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