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BSL QED Project 

This exciting project aims to establish a curriculum for teaching British Sign Language (BSL) in Higher Education (HE). 

BSL is taught in a number of UK universities using NVQ and other curricula, many of which originated from the traditional centres where BSL was taught (particularly regional Deaf Centres and colleges of Further Education).  Over time, these curricula have been amended to suit individual HE programmes. However, there is currently no standardised curriculum for BSL designed to meet the criteria and learning outcomes required of HE language programmes at levels 1-4.

The research team at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in partnership with UCL, the University of Lancaster and other relevant organisations, was charged with the task of designing a BSL curriculum that mirrors modern foreign language curricula and raises academic standards to secure the future of BSL as an academic discipline in HE.

The research team have reviewed a range of sign language programmes from overseas universities and a large number of presently available BSL curricula in the UK. They have looked particularly at teaching philosophies, methodology, delivery of language learning and a range of teaching materials, and are using the knowledge gained as part of the curriculum development.

This website is used throughout the FDTL project to provide opportunities for further contributions in the future and will serve as the platform for distribution of the curriculum.



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