BSL QED Research part 10

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BSL QED Research part 10

We wanted to ask learners some questions and approached the student population here at UCLAN.  Clearly it would have been difficult to consult with learners from other centres and we have students here that we are able to consult with.  We wanted to know about the resources that students use to learn BSL and from where they obtain the resources.

The students’ replies demonstrated that they use a range of resources to learn BSL.  Most watched sign language on TV and quite a significant number watched DVDs and CDs.  Some use videos, books and the internet.


However judging from the replies books represent a primary role in terms of the type of resource used for an overwhelming number of students of BSL here at UCLAN.  Next we found that videos and the internet were equally the second most popular resource.  

We then went to ask the BSL students what they would like to see in terms of future resources.

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