BSL QED Research part 13

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BSL QED Research part 13

After the research had been carried out the project team next had to consider how best to present their findings.  As previously mentioned there had been another project called Sign-on-line, subsequently it was decided that the QED project would continue using the web-site design that already been established.


Those with knowledge of FE and how to use the web-site would easily navigate to HE material.  The team did not want to create a web-site that was completely different so users would find it complicated and difficult to use.  Users will be able to differentiate between FE related information and HE related information and clearly where will be some cross over in areas such as grammar.  HE requires a far more in depth knowledge of grammar than FE.  There will be a difference in colours but style will be similar and it was agreed this would be the most productive way forward.


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