BSL QED Research part 14

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BSL QED Research part 14

So whilst the design and format of the two web-sites look similar the content is clearly different.  Initially it was decided that the QED web-site should be divided in to two sections, one which would be accessible to university students only, and the other part to university lecturers.      

However this idea presented some difficulties regarding administration and so all the information had to be amalgamated together.  Had there been two sections users would have been required to access via ID and password and access would have to be monitored.  In addition conversations with the funding body indicated a requirement that the web-site and its contents be open to all university students and lecturers.  So the original idea was changed and the information was all put together.  Obviously some parts will be aimed more at students whilst other parts aimed more at lecturers but all the information will be accessible in one area.


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