BSL QED Research part 15

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BSL QED Research part 15
Feedback from the QED project was generally good however users did have some difficulties using the web-site.  The main problem was the text did not fit on the screen so the users were having to use the right hand scroll bar to scroll down and bring the text up.  It became quite cumbersome having to do this repeatedly.  It was frustrating for the users since they couldn’t read all the text on the same screen.  The way to resolve this will be to have lots of separate pages on top of each other to navigate to so the information becomes layered and much easier to read and there will be no need to scroll down.  


Also the left hand access menu would remain fixed and so the options available regardless of which page you were reading hence making navigation far easier.

The aim has to be for both lecturers and students to enjoy using the web-site which will ensure they return to use it again.  Navigating around the site should not be an arduous and time consuming task rather it should be an easy one for you!

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