BSL QED Research part 16

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BSL QED Research part 16
Some web-site are easy to use and offer at a click, text and/or signed information.  Some can be rather complex and require in-depth navigation to access information. It very much depends and of course the design of this web-site caused some difficulties.  Having reached three levels we had to be firm and not carry on adding too many more levels although there was an attempt to do this due to vast amounts of materials.  It was agreed that we would offer a maximum of six levels and no more.


For example if you select curriculum outline on the left hand bar it will bring up more options. I.e. A1 which will then offer you further options taking you to more levels.  This can be problematic because of the maximum information you can fit on the screen.  So as more levels appear, more on the left hand side of the screen is taken up and the amount of space on the right hand side of the screen becomes less.  Subsequently, after some redesigning the team decided a maximum of three levels would appear on the screen at any one time.  Keeping to three levels will mean that the user only has to navigate through three pages, so there are three levels on the left-hand side and three pages to move between on the right.  So the web-site is only designed over six levels and no deeper.


So you may find the web-site easy to use but there has been a lot to consider in its design.  The team and the web designer spent time thinking how best to design the web-site so users would find it easy to use.  This is why it is quite different to the sign-on-line web-site but much easier to use.

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