BSL QED Research part 18

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BSL QED Research part 18

This web-site has some clear aims.  Firstly, in essence it provides curriculum guidance specifically for those teaching BSL at university level in Britain.  It has not been developed for the purposes of further education although it provides very useful information for teachers of BSL of all levels.  BSL teachers may want to look at the web-site out of interest just as teachers of BSL in universities may be interested in looking at other curriculum.  As previously explained it provides guidance for those teachers of BSL.


Secondly it acts a resource both lecturer and student, it is not focused on one or the other.  The curriculum is designed so that both may benefit and take away useful information from the web-site.  The web-site is aimed at providing material to support teachers of BSL.  Teachers of BSL will draw from the web-site curriculum material that they feel will compliment and develop their teaching.  For example a teacher may want to look for information about linguistics or culture which they can easily find on the web-site. 
Alternatively they may want to look at information about assessments which again the web-site can provide.  The material is quite extensive and sample teaching clips of all subject areas are also available to support the teaching.  The curriculum and sample teaching clips only act as a guide since guidance is the aim of the web-site.  The web-site provides an academic curriculum in terms of teaching BSL which raises the standards in line with the teaching of modern foreign languages.  In the past discussion around the modern foreign language curriculum have not included BSL and this web-site raises the status of BSL and sites it firmly in the academic arena.

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