BSL QED Research part 19

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BSL QED Research part 19

The web-site offers the curriculum areas on six levels.  A good example is the area of linguistics.  You will find the first three menu levels on the left hand menu 


By clicking on the links for the forth, fifth and sixth menu levels on the right side of the screen you can access the English notes of what is being signed.  As previously explained, you do this by going to the Unit navigation option of the right side of the screen which will then open up the English notes. 


By alternating from the signing clips to the English notes you will be able to clarify any uncertainties.  We would hope that users would not need to rely on the English notes provided and it has really only been included as a way of supporting the comprehension of the curriculum material provided.  We would expect that there would be less cross referencing as you become more familiar with how to use the web-site and feel more confidence in navigating around the material.   Of course students who are in their first year of university may not have gained the necessary confidence to understand the BSL information and so may need to refer to the English notes from time to time.  They may be working from home and finding it difficult to understand a clip and need some extra help.  This is fine and to be expected particularly because students are using the resource independently and with out the presence of a teacher.  But we would not want to see a reliance develop since this is not why the English notes option has been provided.  


Clearly the more students can use the BSL clips independently the more exposure and understanding they will have.  Subsequently their signing fluency will improve and move on to a higher level which of course is the aim of this resource.  Equally the material being used on the web-site is of an academic level intended to reflect university standards.  Material and resources produced for university purposes will always be of a particular quality and higher level in line with university expectations.  Naturally for new students just beginning an academic course the material they will use will reflect that they are just beginners.  As students move along and their course develops so one finds the material and resources become more sophisticated.  The applies to the curriculum that is found on this web-site.  The level of learning increases as the course develops.

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