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BSL QED Research part 2


It is incumbent upon UCLAN to demonstrate why the development of a national curriculum was necessary.  In the main universities offering Deaf Studies courses have relied upon their own curriculum.   


Universities including here at UCLAN, Wolverhampton, Bristol and other centres have provided BSL courses which are well established and have run for a long time have individualised the curriculum making it appropriate to the courses.  Modules are designed in accordance with course outcomes and assessment criteria to facilitate the learning and passing of courses.


Some institutions have used the CACDP mapping system in order that students can ascertain the level of language achieved according to CACDP levels.  The situation today is not as it was years ago when only CACDP regulated the levels of language.  Naturally universities have their own standards and language acquisition levels.  However, mapping works well and allows students to be able to cross reference which they find helpful.


So on the whole the current system is fine and very much in line with what takes place in Universities regarding the teaching of other languages such as French , German or Spanish.  However the difference lies in the absence of a benchmark.  Whilst universities use and develop their own curriculum there is an established bench mark which Universities use as a way of ensuring certain teaching standards are being met.  This means standards are maintained across the board.  These standards have developed as a result of teaching over many years.  But the same does not apply to the teaching of BSL, which is a much younger subject and has been taught for a relatively shorter period.


This project aims to design new curriculum guidance for BSL as a benchmark.  As a result of this web-site, universities will be able to compare their curriculum to the one offered by the Sign Online web-site.  Even for those universities that have well established curriculum the web-site provides a way of comparing curriculum content.  There is then the opportunity to tweak courses already running where necessary or use the web-site as a method of confirming appropriate levels and curriculum currently being taught.


The aim of the web-site is quite simple offering guidance only and does not aim to be prescriptive by saying what must or must not be included in your BSL curriculum.

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