BSL QED Research part 20

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BSL QED Research part 20

Like most web-sites the QED web-site has a PDF icon which means that you can print out documents by clicking on the PDF icon.  This can be particularly useful because sometimes you can not always see the full document on the screen because it does not fit.  By printing it out you will be able to see the whole document in front of you without having to scroll down or across.


You can print the BSL curriculum available on this web-site by going in to each lesson plan that is provided.  You can then have all the lesson plans that form part of the BSL curriculum at your finger tips which can be very useful.  Again, let me reiterate, this is only a guide curriculum.  Printing out the lesson plans can help you to plan your lessons more easily.  The web-site is planned so you can access the information with full ease and so you have the option of either considering the different lesson plans on the screen or using the PDF facility to print them out.

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