BSL QED Research part 21

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BSL QED Research part 21

The curriculum outline is the same all the way through providing sample lessons from A1 to C1.  Each level has twelve sample lesson plans.  This is in accordance with the European language framework which is followed by universities in the UK.

The curriculum is designed specifically to follow the twelve week semester which run twice a year at university.  That makes twenty four weeks altogether that the curriculum will be spread over.  This is why we have developed the curriculum based on twelve lessons for each level.  There are twelve lessons for A1 and A2 and B1 and B2.  Section C is split into C1A and C1B and there are twelve lesson plans for each of those sections. 


The same structure is used throughout for each lesson plan.  You will see there are five columns.  The first shows which week it is and the area or topic being covered.  The second is linguistic content followed by cultural content and then learning outcomes.  Each column provides material which supports the area or topic being taught.  It is designed so you are easily able to consider and extract materials that you feel are relevant to your class. 


As I have previously explained we offer a guide only, whereby users can simply pull out information that they may wish to incorporate in their lesson plan.  How little or how much you rely on the information is entirely up to you because we offer only a guide.   You may feel that simply reading through the information is useful in itself or you may want to use some of the information for your own teaching.  

Students also may find the guide curriculum useful.  Some of the material might support what they have already learnt in class and some maybe new to them which they can discuss with their teacher.  Subsequently new linguistic or cultural information might further learning.  Remember this is only a guide.

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