BSL QED Research part 3

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BSL QED Research part 3

So why is it important that this web-site is made available to universities?  Firstly there is a national shortage of sign language interpreters.  In addition there are insufficient numbers of BSL teachers, in particular, Deaf teachers teaching BSL at university level.  There is no higher education BSL curriculum resource available and there is no BSL teacher training courses.  Combined these three factors highlight the reasons why the resource is so needed and provide strong incentive to create the web-site.

In light of the problems high lighted the aim of the web-site is to reduce the difficulties that currently exist.  Material will be accessible to both learners and teachers of BSL. 


Universities are naturally responsible for the material that they use to teach BSL and have already developed their own.  It is also worth noting that some universities have developed ideas that could be used as benchmark indicators.  


Studies show that some universities use the modern language curriculum used to teach foreign languages.  Upon examination there are useful similarities but this web-site will focus only on the teaching of BSL.


The web-site offers a way of raising quality standards in the teaching of BSL and provides an opportunity to take a look and learn about how other institutions teach BSL and what curriculum and materials they have developed.  This in the long term will serve to raise the standards in the quality of teaching BSL to ensure that there are common standards between HE institutions where BSL is taught. 

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