BSL QED Research part 8

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BSL QED Research part 8 

As part of the research the team asked BSL teachers and lecturers a number of questions about the curriculum they used and the majority relied that they used the CACDP curriculum. Although a small number used it as a model modifying it in order to develop their own, the overwhelming majority followed the CACDP curriculum in its complete form.

You will be able to see from the power points that graphs have been drawn up to reflect demonstrate this.  Some used the new BDA BSL Academy curricula either by following it or picking out parts they wished to incorporate in their own teaching.  Because of the difficulty in obtaining BSL curricula some purchased the VISTA curriculum which is for learning American Sign Language (ASL).  They simply adapted it for the purposes of teaching BSL.


At Durham there were two phrases of the BSLTA, as it was called then, which later became the DUBSLTC.  Both share the same underlying curricula and so it is important to differentiate between the older and more recent phase.

In some instances the institution had created its own curriculum from other courses or simply developed one themselves.  The information collected shows from where teachers and lecturers were able to obtain the curriculum.

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