BSL QED Research part 9

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BSL QED Research part 9

The team also asked BSL teachers and lecturers about the assessment and exam procedure that is used by various centres.   Almost all respondents informed us that they use the portfolio system.  Some indicated that they use other systems and so we asked them to explain further about the systems they use.


A very small number use the method of testing only.  A large number use assessments for production and, interestingly, there is significantly less assessment of receptive skills.   This is of particular interest since the general consensus amongst Deaf people is there needs to be more focus on the receptive skills of learners.  Currently the reverse takes place where there is more focus on production.    This project has provided an opportunity to ascertain what is happening on the ground and gauge different perspectives and views around BSL assessment. 


The assessments of conversation skills take place but along with receptive skills, not to the same degree and level that takes place with regard to production.   Some centres run translation modules thus the assessments which are conducted are entirely separate to other modules.  Where translation is incorporated into another module the assessment clearly reflects how the assessment is divided.

As previously said, the portfolio method of assessment is by far the most used although what we are attempting to do here is provide a clear picture of the way centres conduct assessments and as shown, a variety of methods are available.

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