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Introduction to Cultural Notes

Throughout this course, you will see a series of notes which should help or add to your classroom work. The Cultural notes are intended to explain more about the language you are learning and will introduce you to some of the values and behaviour related to communicating in the Deaf community.

In the Cultural notes, we have used a capital 'D' in the spelling of 'Deaf’ when referring to people who are members of the Deaf community (see Cultural note No 5). We have used a lower case ‘d’ when referring to the inability to hear (‘deaf’).

In some Cultural notes there will be references which you can follow up for more details.

1 Introduction to BSL and the Deaf Community

2 Right or Left Hand?

3 None-manual Features of BSL

4 Fingerspelling in BSL

5 How Deaf People Identify Themselves

6 Getting Attention in the Deaf Community

7 BSL QED Project

8 Name signs

9 Pointing in BSL

10 Describing People

11 Referring to Persons, Objects or Places

12 Telecommunication for Deaf Persons

13 Identifying Objects

14 Intermarriage Among Deaf People

15 Role shifts in Conversation

16 BSL on Television

17 Regional Variation

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