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European Assessments part 1

Assessments play an integral part when looking at the wider picture of curriculum based study.  Clearly any assessment must be formulated by learning outcomes. You can refer to the guide which gives an outline of the different levels A1 to C2.  The information is not complete but offers guidance to teachers who are putting together the curriculum, including assessments.  

You may decide to incorporate the suggested learning outcomes when developing modules.  Conversely you may decide to create your own.  If you do decide to use the guide you need to ensure that you combine different levels of assessments with the learning outcomes provided.  Ultimately, it depends very much on how your university works and how they organise and systematize assessments.


As someone who has worked in universities I have  experienced the different ways assessments are managed.  With regards to what the guide can offer, it may be the right time for you to review your learning outcomes and update where you see it is necessary.  You have reached a point where you feel it is time to make some changes and so this could be a productive way of doing this.


As already mentioned, it really is most important that the learning outcomes interrelate with the assessment.  Without established learning outcomes it is impossible to conduct effective and reliable assessments.  The course would lack direction and be all over the place!


Of equal importance is the need for students to acquire a good understanding of expectations in relation to what they are studying.  If the students can fully take on board the learning outcomes then subsequently they will find the assessments more manageable.  Lecturers and students must have a shared understanding of expectations and learning outcomes.  Without this shared understanding students may feel entitled to challenge the validity of your course which could be problematic.  Provision of clarity and understanding makes for a good learning environment.


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