European Assessments part 5

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European Assessments part 5

The information that I have given you about assessments so far is only pitched at a basic level and is not conclusive.  It can be used as a way of checking what is involved in the assessments you conduct.  As I said previously, you can follow the systems that are used at your centre or plans you have put together for future assessments.  The information offered here provides a good way of verifying your practice and also offers a comparison.


So, how does all of this relate to the QED project?  We have put together a series of teaching samples, starting with level A1 and through to C2.  You will be able to see an assessment clip for A1, which will indicate the expectations at this level and then the same for the other levels.  Level C1 is  further divided into C1a and C1b in order to reflect its intended teaching over two separate semesters.  So you can have a look through the materials but remember, they are not set in stone and are only examples. They are devised to allow you to compare your own teaching and if it is hugely different, you may be concerned but your materials may be fine and not need changing. 


This is just to give you a guide as to what materials other teachers are using.  You may find that you are more advanced or behind in your own teaching, as there are so many different ways of teaching.  So follow your own programme and bear in mind the entry level of your students, as they also vary greatly. 


Your group may comprise all students at complete beginner level, who have no previous  language qualifications at all and your teaching will need to reflect this; the expectations will be different if your entry criteria requires students to already have Level 1 or Level 2 British Sign Language or equivalent qualifications.  In this case, your assessments will vary in standard according to this level and this will be an acceptable difference.    

This will be clearer once you have seen the samples and there will also be some demonstrations of actual assessments for you to have a look at that will aid your understanding.  Some students have also been kind enough to allow some of their work to be viewed and some lecturers have kindly agreed that we can have access to their assessments so you can see exactly what they are like.

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