European Assessments part 6

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European Assessments part 6

To summarise, I have described what assessments are, what they contain and explained about assessment grades and levels.  I have also considered the influence that available equipment  has on the assessment method and how the materials available will guide your choice of the many productive and receptive assessment methods.  Finally, I would say that your teaching on your module will naturally have to conform with the norms and expectations set by your university's programme.  For example, it may be within a Deaf Studies degree which comprises of different levels.  


You will be familiar with the system in all universities where students can progress to levels three and four.  This system also applies to other languages and interlocks rather well with the European Framework.  Further consideration should be given to how the National Language Qualification works with the European Framework.  Mapping provides evidence of appropriate course structuring and of the expected student progression.  It offers a way of ensuring the frameworks compliment each other and are engaging appropriately.


Subsequently, the student is able to understand the level they are studying at on any particular module and knows what the expectation are.  In addition, the awarding body which could be the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf  People (CACDP) or the Institute of British Sign Language  (IBSL) a future awarding body, will be able to verify that any particular module is at the level it should be and covers topics at the required depth.  This way standards can be set.   

And so it is not about being influenced by the framework rather, you develop your module as you would normally do and use the framework as a tool for conferring standards and course progression. The outcome offers a great deal to both the university and the students.  This is b because a system becomes well established whereby the university is able to satisfy the awarding body whilst simultaneously interlocking with the European Framework.  All players are synchronized and work well together.  The student is assured that the qualification he or she is taking is recognized by the national awarding body and the assessments have been set to an appropriate standard.

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