Lesson 1

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This programme for Week 1, Lesson 1 focuses on the topic of Environmental Issues, which is indicated in column 1.

As with previous programmes already covered, the second column shows the range of work to be undertaken and links to column three, Linguistic Content. When considering the environment this will, of course, include the use of spatial signs to indicate location and topographical information which indicates mountainous areas, and so on. Other topics might discuss countries such as China, which is hosting the 2008 Olympics, and their efforts to reduce exhaust emissions from cars. It is also important to include referencing by pointing to show a specific location. Of course, facial expression and non-manual features are an integral part of the linguistics content and should correspond to the information being given. For instance, when signing that something is very bad, the face should emphasise this by raised eyebrows and an 'OO' lip-pattern. When the person has been given new and surprising information, their expression should reflect this with a nodding head, lowered eyebrows and open mouth. Ensure that students use appropriate facial expression throughout their discussions.

The fourth column relates to the Cultural Content of the session, which looks at everyday situations such as Deaf people’s access to information about environmental issues. If you would like to know more about this aspect, look at the website and click on "Cultural Content", which will provide a lot of additional information and greater detail.

The last column indicates desired learning outcomes and the range of knowledge which should have been gained. It links together the vocabulary, linguistic content and cultural features of the previous four columns. The students should, therefore, be able to ask and answer questions and discuss and debate the topic area. 

Throughout these activities the tutor can observe that the students are using appropriate facial expressions and non-manual features. For example if something is shockingly bad, the sign should be accompanied by pursed lips and a frown or, if the information is impressive, the mouth should drop at the corners and the eyes should be wide open.

Scandinavia, which has a record of strict conservation and recycling, could be used as a positive topic for discussion. Begin by asking questions in order to develop discussion and debate. 


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