Lesson 10

English Notes
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Lesson ten is about buying and selling a house. The content column provides details of the information required and the finance conversations involved in this topic. This will enable students to converse on this subject and, in addition, to be able to debate property issues and articulate different points of view.

The next column is the linguistic content column, and this explains the linguistic features that are required under this heading. This includes the essential facial expressions required to show how frustrating it can be searching for the right house; the face will show the agony of waiting and waiting, while the ‘For Sale’ notice is up there on your house but there are no buyers… The facial expression and mouth shape can show the emotional ups and downs, as hopes swing up and then plunge back into the depths: narrowed lips demonstrate impatience and the frustration of WAITING, WAITING, while ‘OO’ lips can portray surprise and then PHEW – smiling relief that it’s sorted out. Facial expression is very important.

In the cultural content column, which is next, you will find information relating to Deaf people's common experiences of buying and selling houses. You can ask your students what their experiences are: is this an easy process, or are there difficulties? Have prices gone up and down again? There are financial issues - what about mortgages, and getting the For Sale sign up? Access may be an issue, or may just not be there at all, despite the Access Act! 

In the last column you will find a list of the learning outcomes that the students will need to achieve; you need to make sure you cover these. But do remember that these are guidelines only, and we don’t want you to think you must follow it all exactly. No, you may use it as you wish, to help you.

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