Lesson 11

English Notes
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Lesson 11 is concentrates on how students can best choose their topic for the section on Presentation Skills. The linguistics content column provides linguistic information relating to presentation skills, for which students should be appropriately skilled in the articulation of a variety of topics in sign language. Incorporated into this lesson will be the range of linguistic features of sign language that the students have learnt in previous lessons and should now be fully acquainted with. The next column provides cultural information. If you would like to see more detail about this area, it can be found on our website by clicking on Cultural Content and going to the culture notes, where there is a full explanation.

Learning outcomes are given in the last column. These help the teacher ensure that everything in the lesson plan is being covered in class. The learning outcomes indicate what students are expected to learn and after this lesson the students should be able to give a presentation on their chosen topic in BSL. The learning outcomes draw heavily from the other columns: content, linguistics and culture. Students should be able decide which topic best allows them to employ the language skills that they have acquired during the course and complete the assessment on presentation skills. The information provided here guides the teacher in deciding which of the many topics covered they would like to focus on. It also helps the students decide which topic they would like to present on and acts as a useful resource in presenting in sign language. 


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