Lesson 12

English Notes
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This is Lesson 12, and if you look at the first column on the Curriculum Framework, you will see that it is about Presentations. The next column along is about Linguistics. This brings together a wide range of topics, incorporating all the linguistic features that students have learned, practised and improved during the course.

Moving along to the next column, we see that this one has the Cultural content of the lesson. It incorporates all of the lessons’ cultural contents learned during the course, and you may look back on the website to see these in our Culture Notes: here it is explained to you, with information about how it all relates to the lessons.

The last column contains the Learning Outcomes for lesson 12. The first of these concerns the students’ ability to focus on a specific topic. This is important because it is linked to their signing skill about a particular topic related to culture and the community. They will develop research skills and know how to focus their attention. They will also know how to adjust the register of their signing, and in this case they will use a formal register to sign. Also important is their ability to look at their own Presentations and critically evaluate their signing skills, to see whether or not they have improved, and to explain this. That’s what ‘Presentation’ is all about. 


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