Lesson 12

English Notes
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Lesson twelve is about eating out. This follows on from an earlier lesson where students learnt about food and drink. In that lesson, students were able to develop their understanding of how they convey, in sign language, information relating to food and their likes and dislikes. You will see there are a number of columns. The second column relates to linguistic information which should be incorporated into the lesson. The use of placement indicates how tables are set out in relation to each other, for example, TABLE ME FRIEND NEXT TABLE. A clear picture is created as to where the tables are and how far apart they are. Spatial referencing is an important aspect of this lesson, whereby you can explain to students how to convey, for example, the seating arrangements when going out for a meal. The students will be able to show where people were sitting in relation to each other. Ordering and receiving food could be used to indicate again where people are sitting, and who ordered what. 

The next column is cultural content, where you will find information relating to the experiences of Deaf people when eating out. Here a typical scenario can be used to ensure that students are exposed to cultural issues; for example, what happens when a group of Deaf people receive the wrong food. Different strategies are commonly used by Deaf people to pass information on to hearing people such as pointing, using gestural movements, or the writing of short notes. This can all be demonstrated during the lesson by the teacher. The teacher can also include cultural information about how Deaf people attract the attention of others, such as banging on the table. During this lesson, students will learn how to sign a range of foods and dishes, and how to convey their feelings towards those foods by using a variety of emotions.

Learning outcomes: the last column indicates what the students are expected to learn. The students and the teacher both know that, on completion of this lesson, the students will leave with certain knowledge and information. This column helps to ensure that both the teacher and students have met the learning outcomes relating to eating out. 

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