Lesson 2

English Notes
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Lesson two is about work and leisure activities. The information in the linguistics column will help you teach your students about numbers relating to the calendar and dates, then you can talk about the future and the past. For example, "On Monday I will be going somewhere", or "Last Friday I went to a particular place", or "I work Mondays to Fridays". Your students will become familiar with dates and times. Also included is teaching how to list using your fingers. 

In addition, students will learn about non-manual features and how to express opinions and feelings in British Sign Language, for example, whether you love or dislike your work. There are linguistic rules that relate to this lesson and topic. 

The next column, which is about cultural content, is used to provide the teacher with information about how to ensure that cultural factors have been incorporated into the lesson plan. Cultural issues relating to Deaf people at work can be discussed, such as access problems and issues that Deaf people face, including difficulties in getting interpreters. Other discussion could be about Deaf leisure activities, and what time Deaf people are meeting for a particular event.

The learning outcomes column helps the teacher ensure that everything in the lesson plan is being covered in class. The learning outcomes indicate what the students are expected to learn, and after this lesson the students should be able to leave class able to talk about Deaf leisure and work. Remember that this lesson plan can be tweaked so it meets the requirements of your university. It is only a guideline and is not set in stone.

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