Lesson 3

English Notes
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The first column of this programme for Lesson 3 shows the topic of "Deaf People in the 20th Century". That is, the period of the 1900s. The third column indicates the linguistics content for the session. From the elements of the content, it is clear that an important feature will be the use of time lines to indicate that something happened in the past, together with appropriate facial expression, eye movement and non-manual features. The location of particular periods of time is also necessary in order to make a comparison between the 1900s and now, the 20th and 21st Centuries. By placing THE 20TH CENTURY ON THE LEFT AND 21ST CENTURY ON THE RIGHT, each can then be identified and discussed by pointing to their relevant location.

Care needs to be taken with the use of accurate sign vocabulary. The use of a two-finger or whole hand 'C' moved around the index finger of the other hand is not an appropriate sign for Century. An acceptable way to express '20th Century' would be the NUMBERS 2 AND 0, WITH LIP-PATTERN FOR 20TH OR, NUMBERS 2 AND 0, FINGER-SPELLING 'TH', FOLLOWED BY THE LETTER 'C'. Some Deaf people may not know exactly when the 20th Century was. Therefore, this information can be clarified by giving a date, such as THE 1950s, THE 1920s, or THE 1980s, to ensure understanding.

The next column of the programme shows the cultural content of the session. There are several stories about the First and Second World Wars and the events that occurred in Deaf people's lives. Some are accidents or terrible events, but others are the clever ways Deaf people survived. If you would like to see lots of examples of these stories, they can be found on our website by clicking on Cultural Content. There are many stories there that you can share with the class.

The final column shows the expected learning outcomes. Students should be able to participate in group discussions about what they have seen on video and DVD and retell the stories. By watching Deaf people telling their own stories, the students should learn narrative sign production skills in order to convey the information fluently. This can also be undertaken as individual reading or research. The tutor must check throughout their group's discussions that students can relay the information accurately and appropriately, including the use of dates. Students should also to be able to give information without the use of dates and make it clear throughout that events happened in the past. A discussion of how it is possible to do this without the use of dates may be useful. 


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