Lesson 3

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Lesson 3 Outline

Lesson three is about exchanging information related to times and dates. The content column of the framework provides details of the content that you will be expected to teach, such as the days of the week and how to articulate dates and times. This also includes signs related to past, present and future tenses.

The next column contains the linguistic content, and here you will find details of the linguistic rules that must be followed when exchanging information related to time and date, such as the role of the mouth. Next to this is the cultural content column, and you will need to refer to this, as language is closely tied to culture. For example, you will find that there are regional variations in signs for the days of the week across England and Scotland, so please ensure that you use the variety appropriate to your local region. 

In the final column, you will find a list of the learning outcomes related to time and date that you will need to ensure that you have covered during the course. The students will be expected to have achieved all of the outcomes, so that, once they are in the community, they will be able to use all that they have learnt during lesson three.


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