Lesson 4

English Notes
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The first column of this programme for Lesson 4 shows the topic of "Deaf People in the 21st Century". The next column indicates the linguistics content for the session. The linguistic elements will relate to showing recent past, rather than the time lines of historical past, the present time and into the future. Facial expression and non-manual features must be linked to those points on the time line. Location can be used to make a comparison between the technological advances up to the present time and those that may be made in the future. This exercise will also include the use of facial expression; for example, a quizzical expression for what may happen in the future, where current technology is located on the left and future technologies on the right. Sign vocabulary can be linked to technological advances and how things have evolved over the years, such as the telephone. An historical sign for telephone would be gripping the receiver stand in the left hand and the ear-piece held to the ear with the right hand. Over the years there have been several changes to the sign for telephone up to the current mobile phone sign which shows the mobile phone held to the ear and the iconic signs for various mouthpieces and earpieces to be used with it. Such signs and handshapes has developed rapidly as technology has changed, which needs to be explained to the students.

The next column, which shows the cultural content, includes how technology has affected Deaf people's lives and environment up to the present day and how it may further affect them in the future. If you would like more details and stories, these can be found by going to our website and clicking on Cultural Content. There is a range of information there regarding technological changes over the years and what Deaf people want for the future.

The final column shows the expected learning outcomes. Perhaps through group discussion, individual research, a question and answer session and additional reading, students should be able to describe the changes in technology over the last two centuries, the exciting changes possible in the future for Deaf people in their everyday lives and what they would like to see develop. Students should be able to organise their explanation of these technological changes and indicate how signs evolved to describe them, linking aspects from the Linguistic and Cultural Content knowledge and skills to the topic. 


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