Lesson 4

English Notes
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Lesson four focuses on exchanging personal information about the family, including: noun signs for family members, such as MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER and BROTHER; use of numbers in reference to family, such as TWO BROTHERS, ONE SISTER and family ages, e.g. MOTHER (IS) FORTY. The linguistic content column provides linguistic information relating to the articulation of family discourse you will need to ensure that students use correctly, such as the use of referencing when family members have been placed in the signing space. There is also information about the use of comparative constructions relating to the family, such as MY BROTHER (IS) OLDER/YOUNGER THAN ME or I HAVE BROTHERS TWO which relates to numbers and can also be found in the linguistic content column. 

The cultural content column provides cultural information relating to Deaf families, such as the fact that 90% of deaf children are born into a hearing family, and how Deaf culture is passed down through the generations in Deaf families. You will need to raise awareness of such cultural issues during the course and discuss other issues, such as the role that hearing children who are born into Deaf families (known as CODAs - Child of Deaf Adults) play in the Deaf community. 

The learning outcomes provide information on what the students are expected to learn in order to be able to converse about the family. It also lists the appropriate linguistic features, such as referencing, that they will have learnt during the lesson. Do remember that is only a guide, and it is not set in stone. You can use as much of it, or as little of it, as you wish.

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