Lesson 5

English Notes
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The first column of this programme for Lesson 5 shows the topic, "Service Provisions in the Deaf Community". The next column outlines the linguistics content and, when considering the topic of Services, location is a very important feature. Topographical arrangement could be used to give information that the services for Deaf people and their education abroad is extremely good compared to here or, that Social Services in one region or locality of the UK is good compared to another. Similarly, Deaf organisations, such as the BDA and RNID, can be compared in terms of their resources and services, firstly locating one to the right and one to the left then referring to them by pointing.

The next column, which shows the cultural content of the lesson, covers various topics, such as health, education, employment and socialising. More detail of these can be found on our website by clicking on Cultural Content, where there are several stories covering all of these topics in detail, which can then be discussed by your class.

The final column shows the expected learning outcomes. Interest and understanding of the range of services can be generated through individual research and reading. Students should be able to discuss these and hold a one-to-one discussion, in which they begin to learn the skills of turn-taking, interrupting to ask for clarification and use appropriate location and referencing. Also, during discussions, they should have the ability and skills to change conversation topics within a short timeframe. 


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