Lesson 5

English Notes
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Lesson five contains information relating to giving and receiving invitations, and encourages you to think about what you would teach under this topic. The content column looks at how to articulate statements involving, for example, asking someone to come over, or inviting or not inviting someone to an event, such as a party or a wedding. Students will need to learn how to move reversal verbs, such as INVITE, in the correct direction, so this should form part of your teaching.

The linguistic content column provides important information relating to the production of offers and invitations. It is important that students learn the correct orientations and movements of reversing verbs, and how to articulate plural forms and indicate negated statements of this type. Such linguistic features are not easy to learn, and it is important, as a teacher, that you reinforce the theoretical element alongside the practice in order for this skill to develop.

In the next column, cultural content, you will find information relating to Deaf people's cultural experiences of attending social events and how and where such events would usually take place. You will need to take such information into account when teaching this topic, and include not only the articulation of formal invitations and offers but also how informal language is used by Deaf people when asking other people to get together and socialise at more informal gatherings, such as the local pub or Deaf club. This will also need to form part of your teaching content so that students also learn to produce this type of information. 

The final column provides a list of the learning outcomes that students will need to attain in order to achieve competence in signing formal and informal offers and invitations in a culturally appropriate way. On completion, students should be ale to employ these language skills in the community, and you should be confident, as a teacher, that you have covered all of the learning outcomes during the course to enable students to acquire such skills. 

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