Lesson 6

English Notes
BSL Video


The first column of this programme for Lesson 6 shows the topic, "Deaf People in the Media", which includes television, newspapers, film, etc. The third column, Linguistics Content provides information about linguistics features that student will need to learn when being taught this subject. This can be done by perhaps examining the media and comparing two aspects of it, such as television and newspapers and how many Deaf people are involved in each. The comparison may be of the number of media items involving Deaf people. As part of the lesson various newspaper articles can be discussed making reference to page numbers and columns. Students will acquire advanced use of appropriate numbering systems to indicate in which number column the article appears.

The next column relates to the Cultural Content of the session, and should describe the numbers of Deaf people working in the various media or acting professions. If you would like detailed information about this topic, it can be found on our website by clicking on Cultural Content, where there are lots of examples.

The last column shows the expected learning outcomes. Having supplied the students with appropriate videos, DVDs, research and written materials relating to the media topic, they should be able to discuss the information with enthusiasm. In doing so, the students should be able to interrupt appropriately, make their contributions and ask each other questions about the comparisons made. Finally, they should be familiar with the relative roles of Deaf people within the media and the research which has been carried out on this subject. 


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