Lesson 6

English Notes
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The topic of this lesson, lesson six, is the relaying and passing on of information. The content column of the framework explains the type of vocabulary that you will teach in order for students to learn how to articulate the passing on of messages and the relaying of information. It is important that students acquire the appropriate vocabulary and understand the linguistic rules for articulating the relaying of information. This is why this topic should be taught in relation to the linguistic content information; students need to learn the correct movement of agreement verbs in relation to the placement of subject and object positioning. The verb signs must move in the appropriate direction in the signing space in order to show who is giving and who is receiving the information. The use of correct handshapes is also important in this area, as they change in order to facilitate the movement of the signs, and you will teach this in accordance with the content of the lesson.

The next column covers cultural issues and looks at how Deaf people relay and pass on information. For example, this may be through text messaging, or via a third person such as a friend. You will need to be aware of how this happens in everyday life for Deaf people, and to pass this cultural knowledge on to students so that they understand how this is expressed by Deaf people.

In the final column, you will find a list of the learning outcomes that students will need to attain in order to be able to articulate the relaying and passing on of information; the teacher can check that they know how to do this. Do remember that this lesson plan is a guide and is not set in stone. You are able to select and use any amount of it according to your own preferences. 


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