Lesson 7

English Notes
BSL Video


Lesson seven is about finding your way around. In the linguistics content column of the framework you will find information relating to giving and receiving directions. This includes using the appropriate question markers, non-manual features that are used when asking for directions, the facial expressions that are used alongside the manual signs, and other features such as placement. The cultural content column explains how Deaf people rely on visual means to find their way around. Deaf people rely upon giving directions visually, for example, "At the next corner, turn left... etc.", rather than relying upon remembering street names, which are based on written English. Deaf people rely upon visual memory when following a map, rather than by using street names. Using the lesson plan, the students will learn how to convey and understand directions related to finding their way around.

The final column provides a list of the learning outcomes that you will be expected to have taught by the completion of this lesson, and that the students will be expected to have learnt in relation to signing about finding their way around. 


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