Lesson 7

English Notes
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This is lesson seven, where information relating to emergencies is covered. Following the framework columns, you will see that the second column provides information about the content you should teach under this heading. This includes how Deaf people cope and deal with situations of emergency, which students will need to learn in order to understand this topic. It also explains the type of emotions that accompany emergency situations and the non manual features that you will need to teach in order for such emotions to be expressed. You will also find information relating to the communication strategies that Deaf people employ when dealing with emergency situations, such as how they respond to questioning and how they inform the appropriate services. This will complete the content section and provide you with an account of what to teach so that students gain an understanding of how Deaf people manage an emergency situation.

In the next column you will find linguistic information that you will need to teach relating to this topic, such as the crucial facial expressions and emotive vocabulary related to emergencies. It also covers the use of other linguistic features, such as the use of eyebrow movement in question markers when asking about and responding to emergencies, and the other important aspects that you will need to teach so that students understand this topic.

The next column provides the cultural content that relates to emergency situations and discusses how Deaf people deal with emergencies in everyday life in a cultural context, which you will need to consider in order to teach this topic: for example, how Deaf people contact the emergency services and arrange for an interpreter to attend. You will need to consider various emergency situations and how Deaf people deal with them, and pass this cultural knowledge on to the students.

In the last column you will find a list of the learning outcomes that you will need to ensure you have covered so that students develop the skills that they need to converse in this topic. Do remember that this curriculum is only a guide and is not set in stone. You may to select and use any amount of it and adapt it to suit your curriculum.

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