Lesson 8

English Notes
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Lesson eight is about organising events and sporting events. The content column focuses on how to provide students with a wide range of information on how to converse about organising events. It explains what you should teach under this heading so that students are able to discuss events and sports and acquire the appropriate skills for this topic.

In the next column you will find linguistic information relating to organising events, for example, the spatial referencing skills needed to sign about league tables and the facial expressions required to indicate intensity. It is important to teach the content of this topic in relation to the linguistic skills that are required by the students.

The next column is the cultural content column: it gives cultural information related to organising sports and events, and explains how this occurs in the Deaf community. This may include the organising of a rally, for example, or a conference. Students will need to acquire the appropriate cultural knowledge related to events and you can also inform them of current and future events, which they may want to attend.

This information is all concluded in the learning outcomes that form the final column. This details the outcomes that students will need to attain in order to be able to converse on the topic of organising sports or events once out in the community, and you can also use this column to ensure that you have covered all of the information required for this lesson.

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