Lesson 8

English Notes
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The first column of this programme shows the topic of "Deaf People in Society" and considers the issues involved in deafness being viewed as a disability. The next column, Linguistics Content, should look at these issues incorporating the use of sign name protocols, where the sign name is given first and English finger-spelt name second. Referencing and spatial signs should also be used to indicate location when comparing two or three people with differing views. Appropriate facial expression and non-manual features, providing verb agreement, should support the signed information linked to this topic.

The next column, Cultural Content, talks about a variety of disability issues. For a greater description of this aspect, go to our website and click on Cultural Content, where there is a wide range of information available.

The last column shows the expected learning outcomes. Through the methods of whole-group discussion, reading and investigation of specific individual questions, the students should be able to discuss disability issues. This can be done as a small group exercise, with their findings relayed to the rest of the class. In doing so, the use of advanced head movements to emphasise statements made and conveying relevant emotions should be evident. A similar observation can also be made of a larger group discussion in which non-manual features are used to indicate the structure of full stops and commas, which students should be starting to learn at this stage. The class group may also debate one of a variety of issues linked with items in the Content column, such as the current position regarding disability or attitudes towards disability. This can be observed to ensure students are producing the correct non-manual features which match and support the emotions expressed in their dialogue and are linked to the linguistic content of the session. 


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