Lesson 9

English Notes
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This is lesson nine, which provides information about caring for pets. Information regarding what to teach under this heading is provided in the content column, for example, how to sign about brushing a cat or grooming a pet's nails. So, this column provides details of the content you should teach, and further examples, such as brushing a pet's teeth. It also explains the vocabulary that you will need to teach the students so that they can converse in this area. 

The next column provides the linguistic content that you will need to teach, and stresses the importance of the use of role shift. Students will need to learn how to take on a pet's character and portray their behaviour, for example, personifying the shying away of a cat that doesn't like its hair being brushed. You will need to teach students how to articulate the facial expressions and emotive signs appropriate to this context so that they acquire the language skills to take on the character of the animal.

In the cultural content column that comes next, you will find information relating to Deaf people's cultural experiences in this area. This includes, for example, a dog barking to alert its owner, who is Deaf, to the sound of a doorbell in order to let them know it is ringing, or the way that Deaf people use signs to a dog and it knows to fetch a newspaper or slippers. There are many experiences that Deaf people have of caring for pets that students will need to learn, and may find as a surprise, as they begin to understand the cultural experiences of Deaf people. 

The last column provides a list of the learning outcomes that students will be expected to attain by the end of the course, and it is important that you check that you have covered all of the outcomes in the lessons so that students are able to converse on this topic of caring for pets once they are in the community.

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